Hacktoria | Friendly Fire – Write-Up

After a couple of months without a CTF I decided to get my feed wet again. Good thing, that Hacktoria has a lot of challenges for me to solve now. So here is how I was able to solve this one.

If you want to try this challenge yourself, find it here: https://hacktoria.com/contracts/friendly-fire/

So in short, the task is to identify this tank and from which country it is.

Like always it is best to start with the low-hanging fruits. So I simply put this into Google's image search and check the results:

Bingo! First try, and a hot path. Seems like the tank I'm looking at is a Merkava Mk 4m

Now simply search for the model and open the Wikipedia article about it:

So it is from Israel. This has everything I need to solve this puzzle.

Everything put correctly in place gives me the reward card. An easy and cool challenge.

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